The AWS performance family:

Cryogenic deflashing in perfection

Reliable, tailor-made: AW offers innovative systems at fair prices. Economical, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance and user-friendly. For nitrogen deflashing with the best insulation values and optimal tightness. We search for tailor-made solutions according to your individual specifications and produce high-performance, long-lasting and high-quality systems for cryogenic blast deburring. So that you are a prime player in LN2 deflashing.

  • Compact design with the control cabinet on a forklift-adapted machine bed frame
  • Insulated cryogenic cell with 120 mm thick walls
  • Integrated 2-stage cyclone dust extraction
  • Energy-conscious thanks to modern materials and innovative sealing designs
  • Optimal flywheel geometry allows for the best media-blasting performance
  • State-of-the-art forward-looking controls
  • Continuous operation possible
Used Machines