Cryogenic media-blast deflashing

AWS 60 // AWS 60+

The AWS 60 is a media-blasting machine for the cryogenic deflashing of rubber or plastic moulded parts. The very well-insulated machine cell, in combination with 2-stage dust extraction, guarantees low nitrogen consumption with effective deflashing. Loading occurs fully automatically via a motor-operated door. Energy-efficient drives and high-quality materials, good media-blasting performance and thus short batch times, as well as low space requirements, are other features of the AWS 60.

The S7-1500 controls, in combination with the button panel and barcode reader, allow for user-friendly operation of the system. The entry and saving or external saving of formula data records guarantee a high degree of reproducibility and security.


Internal granulate sifting

  • Continuous separation of dust and residual flashing from the blasting media
  • Blasting grain in the correct size and purity for effective abrasive media-blasting
  • Sustainable, reproducible media-blasting performance even in multi-shift operation

Additional cooling

  • Cooling and absorbing of moisture within the machine
  • Compensation for the air humidity which enters during the loading and unloading process
  • Minimisation of the set-up and auxiliary process times for downtimes of more than 8 hours

The standard features

Processing drum
> Removable basket with selectable perforation

> Speed 1,000 – 10,000 rpm
> Blasting media launch speeds of up to 167 m/sec
> Active media-blasting angle adjustment

> Siemens S7-1500 with KP 900 Comfort button panel

Dust extraction exhaust system
> Integrated, isolated 2-stage cyclone dust extraction

Moulded part cooling
> Temperatures as low as -150

> 120 mm thick insulation cell

Granulate conveying
> Steplessly adjustable vertical and horizontal spiral conveyor

Data management (LAN, USB)
> External protection of the formulas
> Complete batch documentation

Emptying sieve
> External sieve with vibration motor
> Changeable sieve inserts

Technical details for the AWS 60 // AWS 60+

Technical details
  • Insulation: efficient stainless steel cryogenic cell with 120 mm thick walls,
    exterior powder coated in RAL9002, interior stainless steel
  • Access doors: left and back
  • Controls: Siemens S7-1500 with KP 900 Comfort button panel incl. barcode reader
  • Control cabinet positioning: as a unit with machines on floor palettes right
  • Process documentation: data management via LAN and/or USB
  • Batch volumes: up to 120 litres (AWS 60+: up to 150 litres)
  • Basket volumes: 310 litres (AWS 60+: up to 352 litres)
  • Basket geometry: cylindrical with roller rails
  • Basket speed: 5 – 30 rpm
  • Flywheel speed: 1,000 – 10,000 rpm
  • Blasting media launch speed: up to 167 m/sec
  • Blasting media: 0.5 – 1.5 mm polycarbonate
  • Internal sieving: two sieve inserts (0.5 – 0.75 mm PC // 1 – 1.5 mm PC)
  • Blasting media supply: steplessly adjustable vertical and horizontal spiral conveyor
  • Loading door: operated manually or automatically by an electric motor
  • Loading: swivelling conveyor belt
  • Dust extraction: integrated, isolated 2-stage cyclone dust extraction with service doors
  • Seals: low-wear metal alloy / special door seal
  • Compressed air supply: not required
  • Heat output: 1,900 Watts
  • Article memory: 4,000 items
  • Temperature regulation: PID regulator down to -150 °C
  • Construction: solid base plate incl. forklift slots
  • Weight: approx. 4,500 kg
  • Dimensions: 3,350 B x 4,200 D x 3,300 H (AWS 60+: Dimensions on request)
  • Electrical connection: 400/230/24 V/50 Hz/N/PE/3Ph/50A
  • Nitrogen input: 1/2“, 4.5 bar
  • Exhaust: DN 150
Engineering drawing

AWS 60 with fully automated loading door

The motor-operated automatic loading door, in combination with the light gate provided, quickly moves between open and closed. It can consequently reduce set-up times in semi-automatic operation.

AWS 60 with fully automated loading door and loading

Fully automated operation of the machine can be implemented here. The moulded parts to be media-blasted are automatically fed into the machine via a conveyor belt system. Emptying after the end of the batch and refilling then occurs automatically. This can also be combined with upstream and downstream conveyor technology through to batch tracking by means of barcodes or RFID technology. In combination with the safety technology supplied, we naturally comply with all of the safety regulations here.

Industry 4.0

Simple and secure data handling with integrated USB and LAN interface. Recipes can be called up simply and safely with the barcode reader. Integration of the machines in internal company structures with remote access and online machine access is possible. OPC-UA is available as a universal communication interface on all our machines.

Active media-blasting angle adjustment

The patented active media-blasting angle adjustment allows the media-blasting operating area to be adjusted automatically within the processing basket.

Processing basket

The basket can be swapped and a variety of basket perforations are therefore available. Tailored exactly to your requirements according to the moulded part sizes. Loading occurs manually or automatically through the fully automated loading door. The basket is automatically emptied onto the emptying sieve by means of the integrated roller rails.

Emtpying sieve

The external vibration sieve works with frequency-controlled modern vibration motor technology. This allows the supply and sieve speeds to be set optimally. As standard, the emptying sieve is single-level with a changeable sieve so you can respond to a variety of moulded parts. We can also offer customised multi-level emptying sieves.

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